1975 to 2013

Excellence experience was gained during work as a Program Manager responsible for funding parks, arts, culture, and sport in central Ontario between 1975-1979 for the Ontario Ministry Culture and Recreation grant program. In 1980, Brenda became the Corporate Policy analyst and Systems Planner for Calgary Parks and Recreation, then moved onto Southland Leisure Centre In Calgary (1983 to 85) then to General Manager of the Lindsay Park from 1985 to 1991 leading over 150 staff and millions in operations and capital budget.  She became interim General Manager of the Family Leisure Centre in 1991/92 supporting this community operated facility and leisure centre GM during her leave of absence for a year.  Parks, Recreation and Sport leadership experience came while working as Co-Chair and event manager of World Water Ski Championships, 1979 Toronto and from being a Parks/Recreation Commission board member for 4 years or the Parks Foundation Calgary (Amateur Sport) Committee Board member/chair for 10 years or skill development while participating as a YWCA Board member; significant experience over past 30 years has been gained working in services that are important to people and make a difference in quality of life.  

1992 to 2013 saw significant growth with RETHINK (West) Inc. and the varied experience facilitating strategic/business plans, organizational development across the country with public and non-profit sectors, plus two Benefits Catalogues, a Service Excellence Program, lots of governance work, performance management programs using outcomes, fund development and many community building projects. The facilitation design was always customized using systems approach and change leadership skills with clients as required. There has always been technology advancements integrated into the work along the way.  

Some of the RETHINK (West) Inc. PROJECTS performed by Brenda from 2008 to 2013 are:

  • 2008 to 2013 – Alberta Parks Recreation Association;  a) 2010/11 produced/facilitated the  "Service Excellence Program" under direction of an  Alberta Advisory Committee representing significant expertise in all areas of Parks/Recreation b) 2009/10 produced an on-line Benefits Catalog -  (see  records of research evidence  proving positive impact of recreation, sports, fitness, active living, arts, culture, heritage, tourism, parks and greenspace on quality of life )
  • PUBLICATIONS: 1996/97 - provided primary research and writing for 1997 "Benefits Catalogue" and then again 2010 “BENEFITS HUB CATALOGUE” available on line through ARPA or the Ontario and Canadian Parks Recreation Associations. Co-author of the publications available on line called: "RETHINKING Governance”  and “RETHINKING Leisure Services” plus one  article published in International Leisure Review Research Journal - 2014 Volume 3, Issue 1  "Community Recreation and Parks: Striving for Service Excellence".
  • 2006 to 2009 - worked with Canadian Paraplegic Association, Alberta division providing Strategic and Business planning to the National office and 6 provinces  
  • 2007/08 assisted the National SCI Solutions Network – part of Rick Hansen Foundation helping strategic/business planning, fund development/grants, rehab/vocational strategies
  • 2006 and 2008/09 work with partner and Capital Regional District on Strategic Plan for Board, Logic Models, Business Plans and a Performance Plan/Measurement System for staff  
  • 2008 to 2013 - work with partner to facilitate Strategic/Business Plans with Vancouver Island municipalities of View Royal, North Saanich and the Nanaimo Strategic Plan in 2012
  • 2008 to 2011 support for the  MS Society Alberta facilitating collaboration with similar organizations plus a full day Forum and governance direction and plans



Brenda has a diverse background created/chosen from a variety of avenues like sport, fitness, recreation, music, parks, government, business, and voluntary sectors. From 1965 to 1980 Brenda was  a professional waterskier throughout North America starting with Shows at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto for all 15 years.. She competed in 3 ski events (slalom, tricks and jumping, barefoot) plus shows and competitions in Florida, Virginia and California for almost 7 years all combined. In 1979, Brenda was Co-Chair of the World Water Ski Championships where Canada ended up winning the top events and overall. 

Brenda enjoys providing life coaching for individuals in addition to her consulting work for organizations, communities, businesses, non-profits and governments  that includes strategic planning, leadership, fund development, performance management and effectiveness reviews. 

Brenda is an avid volunteer with non profit groups, social causes and strives to enhance the quality of life for others - especially First Nations people locally and people with emotional needs in general.  Personally, Brenda is a patron of the Arts and enjoys performing arts as a spectator and participant. She has recently acted in 2 musicals “Man of La Mancha and Musical of Musicals” plus 4 performances in 2019 Plays at Ladysmith Little Theatre Spring Shorts and again with the Yellow Point Drama Group. Singing and music is a passion for Brenda and it is her pleasure to be a patron and host of music events that facilitate singing and music of all kinds, including drumming and ROCKEOKE (karaoke with instruments added). Other interests are gardening, active sports like sailing, boating, kayak, canoe, swimming, hiking, golf and most outdoor adventure pursuits, exploring the local area and travelling. 

BC POINTE has become a place for gatherings and social events for many different reasons and causes … all great. Please feel free to contact me anytime for questions or suggestions about this information.   

Warm Wishes, BC.  

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